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Friday, March 8, 2013

Dead Sushi and Tower Block Quick Review

Dead Sushi 

After some recent movie reviews I needed something light, but filling. Noboru Iguchi's Dead Sushi was tasty. A cute young sushi chef must defend her little inn and her life from sushi that comes to life and craves human flesh. It sounds stupid, because it is. It's just a fun stupid ride with cheap sexy shots, violence and people being killed by sushi with tiny little teeth.

In no way could I defend the story or even the special effects, but it's another crazy look into Japan.
Don't try thinking you'll be figuring out what's going to happen next, this isn't a Sy-Fy channel movie, this doesn't even try to be thoughtful, it tries its best to as messed up as possible.

You will laugh or cringe, your choice, when people are being killed by sushi, but also by how odd and unsettling conversations can be in Iguchi's version of everyday life in Japan. Fast, fun and dumb.

Tower Block
To be released by Shout! Factory

Coming from the writer of one of my favorite British horror films, Severance, is Tower Block. Slums were created in Britain in the 1960-70's when many high rise apartments were made for cheap. Only a few residents still live on the top floor of the slum building we visit. They're harassed by local thugs and have to pay protection money, one day a young man is killed and no resident wants to talk about it to police.

Months pass and the residents might have to move if the city wants to permanently shut the place down. All the different residents are minding their own business when a sniper starts shooting at anyone they can see through their windows. The sniper is taking these people out for no reason known to them, worse they're apparently locked in the building and can't call for help.

Now, those who haven't been shot have to figure out why there been targeted and how to escape with their lives.

Watching people under this kind of pressure and with such a cold-blooded faceless enemy made a great suspense thriller.

* There's a gamer kid resident who tells everyone what type of gun the shooter is using because he's played too much Call of Duty

*A background character from Doctor Who is a main character.