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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sony Just Forgot To Pick Up The Annie Award

So back to this year's mishap or at least one of them from the Annie Awards for animation. I do love the Annie Awards not just for celebrating the art form of animation, but for these mess-ups. As I wrote previously, Journey won Best Animated Video Game and no one showed up to pick it up. I recently got an e-mail back from  thatgamecompany. It seems they did know about the nomination, but didn't have any direct conversations with ASIFA, the people behind the Annie Awards only Sony did. Sony PR did talk with thatgamecompany about coverage to happen the the day after the awards, but just never got back to them. Sony was asked by thatgamecompany if anyone would be there to accept the award, but got no word back from Sony.

This mess up could have easily been solved by Sony just sending a note to the awards staff saying what to do if they won. Sony also had the option of asking any of the people from Sony animation to accept their award on their behalf or just asking if anyone from thatgamecomapny was available to attend which wouldn't have been too hard as they are Santa Monica based.

I anticipate Sony to do some sort of write up of getting the award on their blog in the next week or so, but not mentioning how no one showed up. I'm sure they're busy with the Superbowl and PS4 event happening later this month, but still it's a little sad not to accept an honor or any award graciously or just show up. I wonder whose it going to get mailed to?

At this time I haven't e-mail Sony or ASIFA about it, but I'll update this post when I hear back from them.