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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Press Paws This Saturday An Interview with the Creators

 I reached out to the creators of Press Paws, Amelia Cantlay and Sakura Minamida, to find hard hitting answers to questions about a video game and dog themed art show for charity.
Hey Amelia and Sakura, could you please tell my readers what's happening Feb 9 at Nucleus?
PRESS PAWS is a charity art show taking place on February 9th, 2013 at Gallery Nucleus from 2pm-8pm. Buy awesome video game inspired art from 50+ artists, and your money gets donated to What’s Up Dog! LA, a local animal rescue.

Now how did you get so many artists to help out? I see Paul Robertson, Jude Buffum and so on. How did you get gallery Nucleus to help out too?
Amelia: We reached out to artist friends as well as artists whose works we had been following, shooting out emails left and right just to see what kind of reaction we’d get. Sakura is good friends with Scott Spatola who is one of the founders of  Meat Bun, as well as  Melody Severns who founded Girls Drawin’ Girls, and they helped us get the word out to their artists as well.

We’ve been so fortunate because so many of the artists we reached out to connected with the “video games and animals” theme right away. And how could they say no to a cause helping pups in need? :) Once we put up our website and Facebook account, we even got a few people contacting us and asking to be part of the show.

We’ve started to preview some of the artwork online, and are so pumped with how everyone’s pieces are turning out! It’s such an honor to be able to work with such talented and passionate artists.

Sakura: We looked at so many spaces and had endless discussions about what would be the ideal size, location, and atmosphere... I think the venue search ate up the most time out of anything we’ve done for this show. In the end the stars aligned for us and Nucleus.They’ve been so enthusiastic about our cause from the start, they’re so awesome about answering all our curating questions and are guiding us every step of the way, and they have such an amazing and spacious gallery space!

Favorite video game dogs and why?
Amelia: He’s not a dog, but “Chiroru” my sabrecat buddy in Dragon Quest V <3

Sakura: John Talbain from Darkstalkers. I drew him over and over and over as a kid.

Finally, will there be dog cosplay at the event or anything else to take on one's camera phone?
Cosplayers are always welcome! :) Aside from all the awesome art on the walls which will definitely be snap-worthy, Oh! Snap Studios is putting together a pretty awesome photo booth for the show which we’re really excited about.