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Friday, February 1, 2013

Jonathan Blow and Heather Chaplin Talk @ Hammer Feb 6

In conjunction with Game Room, the Hammer will be presenting a talk with Jonathan Blow (Braid) and Heather Chaplin (All Things Considered) on February 6 2013, 07:30pm in the Billy Wilder Theater. This event is free and open to the public (parking $3)

Mr. Blow's talks go deeply into why we should care about smarter game design for the player, it's really hard to explain and best to hear what he has to say in person. After watching IndieCade the movie I don't want him to pick apart the one thing I said about him.

This event just goes to show that LA Gam eSpace tricked us all out of twenty-five bucks while it still hasn't even been used as a place to present a series of talks from game designers and well versed writers on the subject of gaming. It would require chairs and a room.

Oh, LA Game Space I hope what was planned gets done with the exception of that stupid room that tracks button pressing.

via Gamescenes