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Friday, September 9, 2011

I Don't See Anything Up There

Just found another article from Newsarama on Facebook about Super IAM8BIT as both a reminder about the closing and book signing Saturday. What's funny is that the writer, Seth Robinson did a poor job.

“There’s [an artist], who visualized over a dozen items from Zelda, [...] he built them as what they would look like if you walked into a store and saw them as items for sale, but still in pixels. True-to-life, scaled as if they could be wielded by a small child,” describes Nick Ahrens, a partner in iam8bit, a Los Angeles based video game promotional item production house and through Saturday, host of Super iam8bit, a gallery showing of video game related artwork"

You see that [an artist] is my friend Sky Burchard, whose work I showed with my initial post for SuperIAM8BIT. The writer of the piece Seth didn't take the time to either write his name or find out who he is. I don't care he's quoting Nick Ahrens, who didn't say Sky's name, he could have added it later.

The Goomba Roomba designer is Kelice Penney whose worked with IAM8BIT before, creating a Kirby's Epic Yarn room for Nintendo with them.

There's also a lot of meaningless lead-in into his article that has nothing to do with the actual event just to make it a bit more interesting. When really he should get to the point.The only artist names are mentioned at the end, which might be something he copy and pasted. It's just interesting to see how other writers took in the event and wrote out what happened.

I'm also not sure when this interview happened, it doesn't seem like he attended the opening, and even though he says at women comes in, I think he might have just done the whole thing over the phone.

You can actually go for your last chance to see the show Sat Sep 10 12-3 2147 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026