Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween 2011: American Horror Story

American Horror Story is Premiering Oct 5th on FX Wed at 10pm

 American Horror Story is a strange step from Ryan Murphy's Nip/Tuck and Glee into horror. A step back into cast driven weird shows like Twin Peaks. (Spoilers) You"ll be meeting the Harmons who recently bought a house that seems to have a history of murders behind it. Luckily, it not in the Valley though, a joke most of America won't get.

You'll be meeting Ben, Vivien and Violet. Write away your thrust into a family falling apart trying to come back together by moving. In a predictable beginning you'll notice the problems of the Harmons in marital relations. Parenting could also be improved.

Casting somewhat is off as Connie Britton"Vivien" is noticeably older than Dylan McDermot "Ben". I mean they don't fit.Ben might be one of the dumbest characters ever as a psychiatrist he practices out of his own home with dangerous crazy people. Which let's his daughter interact with one named Tate.

Getting to the horror stuff, the episode starts with the murder and random little mysteries popping up. There are some moments that are more silly than scary like, dumb ol' Ben jacking it near a window and some mysterious person staring at him from his backyard. Yes, he was jacking off.

In fact what I felt strange is how many people kept entering the house uninvited. Weird creepy jerks, just kept popping in, only one freak was Ben's patient, but still, who hires a maid that just wonders in and says "I'm the maid"?The maid is hot, but who has a maid in LA whose actually in a maid outfit and Irish?

There's some great possibilities for the show if it gets more serious, but the outlandish, unbelievable interaction of Vivien in a LA High School almost made the show a comedy to me. She was smoking in the middle of the high school in public, not behind some building, but in public and didn't know it was wrong? Then the reaction of the popular girls? I recommend watching the show just for that scene.

There are plenty mysteries in thr house. What happened? What's going on? Whose in the sex suit? But it has to be done in a more serious tone.