Sunday, September 25, 2011

Burbank Film Festival 2011: Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

How well can a fan financed Star Trek film go? Pretty damn good. What Star Trek: Of Gods and Men captured at its Burbank Film Festival showing with many cast and crew in attendance was a love of Trek from fans that goes above and beyond fandom.

Directed by Tim Russ (Tuvok) and realistic sets like the bridge of the original enterprise you have a new episode of the first series coming out today. I have to say the writing, kept up with what a original episode was like. If it was only shot more in the classic way and had more for the cgi budget you couldn't tell it was fan made.

You really wouldn't be able to tell it was a fan outing as Star Trek actors from different eras were all over the film.  Nichelle Nichols as Uhura, Walter Koenig as Pavel Chekov, Alan Ruck  as Captain John Harriman and many other old crew mates. Reprising their roles for this film was more than enough to have any Star Trek nerd get excited.

(Spoiler ahead)

The plot centers around time travel and an old enemy from the original series. Once again we're taken into a dark timeline, this time if Kirk didn't exist. This changes the fates of Uhura, Chekov and Harriman who as enemies and unlikely allies have to come together to fix the timeline.It all ends with huge dog fight between ships and some very powerful original series Star Trek bad guys duking it out.

Though Nichol and Koening reprise their roles well, the movie still lacks the main stars from the series. The original show was centered around Kirk, Spock and McCoy, not the others. Their ages also factored in as they just aren't their younger selves and it's kind of funny to see the elderly save the day.

What really makes the film worth it, is continuity is held onto tightly. Because fans did it, all the little details and questions that bug you are filled in.

It's a real treat to see Sci-fi have a night at the Burbank Film Festival, I want more! Live long and prosper readers!