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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Five Guys Needs More Help in the Kitchen

 Five Guys just opened in Northridge Monday September 12th and I happened to pass by it this Sunday.
8850 Tampa Ave. Suite 102, Northridge, CA 91324
Five Guys the new burger joint from the east coast was packed with people, there mouths watery with hunger. A line heading out the door and a staff with to many requests.

Wilshire is getting the next one and there's already one in Culver City.

So for a higher price than In-N-Out you get a not as classy looking burger. There's hot dogs, too. Free peanuts to eat while you wait. Two choices of large or small cups of Cajun sttyel fries. Burgers come in two sizes mini and regular. Both don't come in a combo and drinks are higher in price than In-N-Out too. Why bring up In-N-Out, because Five Guys built itself right across the street from the one on Tampa that I ate at.

I'd rate the burger as okay, but nothing to tweet about. Something you could get anywhere. Unfortunately the people trying it last Sunday didn't know and many waited a good amount of time, 30-40 minutes for mine. Some even canceling orders, because it was taking so long.

Others were shunned from coming inside, because to many people were waiting for their food and the staff couldn't keep up with the requests. Maybe Five Guys should be a little more humble, becuase you can't find a wall without a clipping  fom some magazine about how good it is. Even, in the bathroom. I think the place could have stayed on the east coast.