Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meat Armor

via Awesomer

Now kids, you migh have heard about Meat Armor talked about by your parents or by your friends, but what is is. To those of Epic Meal Time it's a metaphor for taking an enemy in Gears of War as a shield and also a yummy snack. To other it's a real protective armor that you might being seeing more in media such as video games and cartoons.

Deadpool has the best example of Meat Armor to date in Dead-Pool #11. I hope, but doubt it"ll be a extra costume for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. The support it gives leads Deadpool to defeat Bullseye pretending to be Hawkeye.

It simply absorbs takes such as arrows

and leaves the wearer protected. Afterward you can cook and eat your armor making it a damn good resource. So loved is the Meat Armor Deadpool fans have made action figures based on it.

We can only hope more people are made aware of this fine armor which will hopefully be a extra costume for video game characters in the future.