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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon Review

Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon is now up on Xbox Live and PSN

Ugly Americans hit the video game scene in a very strange way. Not as strange as the show, that makes fun of pop culture, while passing the norms of morality and creating a comic book world of magic, monsters, and sci-fi.

The game hits me as off when the first cut scene roles and it's not finished. Rushed or they didn't want to pay for in between animation of cut scenes makes the story look choppy. It's also a shame, because the premise is funny enough with Callie's Dad, whose like King of Hell, having a love child with a succubus prostitute, that love child aging to an adult and making all hell break loose in New York.Sounds like a great premise, but then there's the follow through.

Why o why make it a running shooter. The left joystick is move, the right is for never ending shooting. If the game had simple punch and kick attacks the game might be be saved from damnation. Instead you shoot paint cans, missiles, snow globes, baseballs. It's explained through a cut scene that some gun can fire anything is given to you. I like the premise, but again the result is a meh.

A bit hard to play even with the up to 3 extra players who can join you online or at home. Mark, Callie, Leonard, and Frank are playable, but for some reason Twayne and Randall aren't. I had help, but couldn't get past the first boss three times. She was annoyingly hard.

The comedy from the show is there with silly antics throughout the game. The character select screen has funny sayings like "Hi, I'm Fran Grimes, let's go kill something together". Enemies spout. "I never saw France" , as they die.

The worst part is that it's a game to play with friends and mine wanted to stop after very little play through. Some even fans of the show.

If I can get past the 1st boss with Leonard's awesome super attack (every character has one) of turning into a Lion and everyone exploding with Magic appearing on screen, than maybe I"ll post more, but for now Comedy Central Games and Backbone Entertainment need to try a little harder

Reviewer was given a promo code for review from Comedy Central