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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Old School Video Game Art Show Level 3

The only way to teach kids about video games is early on in childhood. Here's some blocks to play with baby, you may never touch them! No, this isn't a way to get your child hooked on games at a early age, but another magnificent piece from The Old School Video Game Art Show. Below are even more pieces of work from over 90 artists on video game memories and memes.

Does Megaman blow your mind or take your breath away?

This piece below was laser cut.
Pint-sized pac-man and ghosts

Any one remember the old secret code? No, then buy a print or some art work to remind you.

Yes, it's a golden record.

Another piece by Andrew Wilson who did the Samus from the Level 2 post, the model figure was created by the folks at Squid Kids Ink and called a Doh, like a Nintendo, get it?
Level 4