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Monday, September 26, 2011

Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People Review

Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People only $9.99 as I write this.

For the first time Adventure Time is on DVD. You get 12 episodes out of order that you can pop in and get your AT hunger pains subsided. Finn and Jake go through the Land of Ooo and meet strange and interesting characters that young kids and older kids will enjoy. Finn and Jake, if you don't know are

A. A human boy wearing a bunny rabbit hat thing
B. A dog with the magical power to transform his body

A+B= Mathematical Awesomeness!

They have to save Princesses, fight wizards, learn to be ice ninjas, go to lumpy space,house hunting, figure out if little pigs are good or evil through standardized testing, you know, the normal stuff.

The cartoon style and setting just make the cartoon stand out compared to any other out right now. Older fans might pick up the references to video games, Internet culture, memes and so on, while younger viewers will enjoy the shows humorous style and friendship of a boy and his magical dog that can pick up bad guys with his butt cheeks and throw them.

It's a simple menu system for the DVD, could have had some more music choices, while going through it. The special feature "Little Did You Know" was kind of a scorecard for some of the different AT characters.  Maybe, I'm too much of a fan, but some of it seemed inaccurate. It was kind of a boring extra, too.

You gotta love Jake is the DVD and the title card from my two favorite people is the insert. The DVD cover art is from a special poster designed for the Adventure Time Art show held at Nucleus and is rather eye-catching and better than the clip-art covers most DVD's get for cartoons.

I have no idea why the DVD is called my Two Favorite people other than that's the first episode that plays in order. I believe that episode was nominated for and Emmy, but why not just call the DVD Adventure Time Mathematical or Shmowzow!

This DVD is something to put in fast to just play some AT episodes as I wrote last week Special Collector's editions are suppose to be coming out in order with the full seasons and many extras.

Having only 12 episodes will leave you wanting more with even more strange lands, friends and enemies our pair of heroes have to help and fight. If you want something to have your friends of an age chuckle at or are just a fan I suggest you get Adventure Time on DVD!
The insert also reveals the 5 inch Ice King toy coming out later from Jazzwares