Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Raiders of the Lost Ark 30th Anniversary Rocked

The Raiders of the Lost Ark 30th Anniversary rocked bigger than the giant boulder that almost squashed Indiana Jones in the movies opening.

Not only were fans treated to a free screening by the Hero Complex part of the LA Times, they were treated to a Q & A with Steven Spielberg after the movie. This all took place Monday September 12th at the Regal Cinemas at LA Live with a sold out crowd of fans new and old.

After the movie when Spielberg entered he got a standing ovation from the crowd for which he so surely deserved for the cinematic magic we just witnessed. Host Geoff Boucher did a great job with no anxiety talking to the legend. He even brought up the Blu-ray controversy about George Lucas' Star Wars.

Spielberg did a impression of Lucas in a nerdy nasally voice over how much they talk on the phone just because there best buds. Steven was just to talk about the classic scene where Indiana shot the swordsman, when Harrison Ford's face came out of nowhere. Cue standing ovation as Harrison entered to a cheering crowd.

The hilarity that ensued as Harrison and Steven talked to each other was grandeur than the last Hero Complex when Robert Downey Jr made a surprise visit Jon Faverau. On the premise of doing another Indian Jones, Harrison went " I ain't going to Mars" the crowd filled with laughter. Soon Steven retorted back, "I ain't going to Mars with you". Earlier when just Steven was up host Geoff asked who wanted another Indiana with Shia. Only one person of the sold out crowd made a sound.

Other great topics Geoff brought up via Twitter and his own musings were answered with time and thought and truthfully from the two. On the question of how they felt about movies today. Harrison said it was better in the past in the 70's and 80's. Where Steven said he enjoyed how many people can direct today and the help of cgi. He also talked about how the studios now control what pictures are made over the director. In the 80's the director had the vision now Steven says it's the studios.

Back to Blu-ray news, Geoff got right into and asked Steven how he felt about George changing his movies. He said George can do what he want, because there his movies. However, from what he learned from the changes he made in E.T., he wouldn't want to do it again. He asked the crowd what they thought about only releasing one version of E.T. the original. It was an easy choice.

The event will be a fond memory to the fans who attended, including Simon Peg who waved to Steven and the grouchy hardened Indiana. Shia wasn't there, just like he shouldn't be in the Indian Jones movies.