Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let's Get Ready Smash In Your Face Capcom Fight Club

Last Thursday, September 22, a huge line of fans was waiting outside the the Belasco Theatre in downtown LA. When the entered they were greeted with some Marvel, Capcom, and Tekken models and a whole lot of open consoles to play Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Street Fighter X Tekken and Street Fighter 3 Strike.  Free eats and drink accompanied the free game play. Since IAM8BIT and Capcom through the party, free t-shirts were a must, didn't except the free posters though.

Special Capcom Community members got to battle it out on the big screen with commentary. Let's just say Doctor Doom kicked ass with some combos. Next some rapper were up and loud, pumping up the crowd the filled up the place.

 I can't think of another game company that has events such as these just for fans.

Oh, so how were the new games, well unfortunately Phoenix Wright wasn't playable in Ultimate MVC, but Hawkeye, Firbrand, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Strider, Veril, Iron Fist and Nemesis were. Ghost Rider and Nemesis are heavy, but powerful. Doctor Strange can pull of some amazing attacks with his magic, Veril is quite powerful, too. Strider is just fun to play with, because he's a ninja, and summoning mecha animals is always a treat.

Street Fighter X Tekken differed in game play and style. Controls just felt different and it seemed harder to pull off moves, maybe if I had more time with it, it be easier to play. The roster of so many characters made it hard to choose who to play as. The extra little touches were the backgrounds in the game. One was a Dinosaur Park with the first round on top of a bridge with two T- Rex's behind you, hungry. The second round is below the bridge with a Velociraptor with boxing gloves on his hands practicing and the two T-Rex's from before. I'll have to play the game more, but if you have friends over it's gonna be a crowd pleaser.

 Another awesome, free Fight Club hit LA. It broke bones, smashed in faces, left people with a limp, but my god it was fun, also all that stuff happened only in the games.