Monday, September 19, 2011

Go West, Young Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup Powerpuff Girls Z

Powerpuff Girls Z is an anime version of the Powerpuff Girls. You might be going, when did this happen? Well, it happened a while ago and the super exploits of three girls with new Chemical Z gives a whole different feel and look to the original girl superheroes. I should be announcing there airing in America.

Buttercup's Daft Punk  Fighting Transformation is the best, Bubbles transformation
starts offsound like a upbeat Micheal Jackson son

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are all school girls that transform into superheros. There powers come from the super toys they use to fight crime. Blossom has a yo-yo, Bubbles has a bubble wand, and Buttercup a huge giant toy hammer. Which they use to beat down their annoying version of Mojojojo and other transfromed New Townsvill baddies. You"ll meet a robot dog, Proffessor Utonium's son. Yes, he has a son, and other random changes to the show. A funny, inside joke is that many people thought it was a prank at first, because it was set to air April 1st (April Fool's Day) on Cartoon Network Japan. Just like it's American counterpart, jokes make it in, so it's both funny and has beat-em up action.

Now what I find interesting is that Cartoon Network hasn't brought it to the US or England/Australia. You see the show has also already been dubbed by the Ocean Group, they were the dubbers for Inuyasha, for English speakers. It has 52 episodes completed. Here's part of the first episode dubbed.

It's like seating on a gold mine, a show for girls, a untapped market for Cartoon Network, unless the green light a Fionna and Cake spin-off for Adventure Time, which is Adventure Time's most watched episode. All Cartoon Network has is boy shows, Hub is racking in girls with My Little Pony and Jem, even though Jem was made in the 80's.

It can't be legal or licensing why it isn't being brougt here, because Cartoon Network owns the characters and even co-produced the series in Japan. It was made with well known Aniplex and animated by Toei. Character design was from a Ms. Miho Shimogasa who is known for her work on Sailor Moon.
It doesn't have to air on one of the premiere nights Cartoon Network US, but put it at a stable time slot like Tuesday or Wednesday night and you"ll have guaranteed viewership among young girls. Boys will watch it too, because there are action elements and comedy.I really don't see a down side to even trying it, at worst put in on Boomerang, which is starved for content.

The only thing I would recommend is re-dubbing the show with the same voice actors of the original, because old fans will enjoy it and make it easier to ease back into the show. You also can't compare the Ocean Group dub to those voice actors who originally did it, there just better. It would put some cost on the show, but really to show you took the time to make it better shows.

So Cartoon Network has a completed anime version of the Powerpuff Girls, which the original was a hit in America, and so was the new incarnation in Japan, that can fight  Disney, Hub, and Nickelodeon's hold on girl demographics, but doesn't move forward with it, can't lose money on it, and could even open new merchandising revenues/ Happy Meal toys and does nothing with the property. They could have even released it when the 10 year anniversary for the Powerpuff Girls happened.

Just bring Powerpuff Girls Z to the West Cartoon Network.