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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Star War Clone Wars Back This Friday

Star Wars Clone Wars will be back this Friday with a brand new season.  In the preview I was sent you meet a younger version of a space lobster whose famous "It's a trap!" line is kwon across the galaxy helping a young prince on ther underwater planet. Anakin is wearing some aqua gear as well as Padme (maybe toys in the future). It's a two parter in a underwater world at war. The voice of Phil Lamar shows up with Gungans to help some fish allies.

I would have liked maybe a better setting and better known characters to kick-off the season. Frankly, the whole affair felt a bit dry even though it's underwater. It has a few fun moments. The shark alien for the Seperatists is brutal in the water with his enemies and the cyborg medusas were fun to watch electrocute fishy aliens.

Check out Season 4 Battle Lines of Star Wars Clone Wars September 16th, check local listings for times
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