Friday, September 30, 2011

China, IL

 You need to watch China, IL. Just watch it, it premieres this Sunday at midnight on Adult Swim.

 You can look forward to a time-traveling Ronald Reagan and the Apocalypse. Brad Neely's baby graces Adult Swim for 11 episodes, let's hope for more. I've previewed the first two episodes and they kick South Park in the balls and leaves Ugly Americans in a ditch with only it's own piss to drink. Great job Adult Swim, you finally got a new animated series instead of the awful live action that's been clogging the network.
BTW, Hulk Hogan is the voice of the dean.
Below you can watch a boring as Hell explanation of the show from Titmouse sucking the comedy from it. Frankly, this behind the scenes video shouldn't exist as it's nothing like the comedy behind the show. I'm also amazed at how great the show looks with Titmouse behind it, they have stepped up there game recently or maybe just got new people.