Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shin Chan: Season Three, Part Two Review

Shin Chan: Season Three, Part Two $21.99

Don't say it. No, please don't say that. Okay, you've crossed the line! I can't believe you said that.

Is it the end of Shin Chan? Say it isn't so. After just getting back to knowing the charming fellow it seems so. The last episode part of the new DVD collection said it was.

Yet, if it is the last of Shin Chan there was a Hell of a lot of cursing and debauchery in season 3.

More than any other Shin Chan's you've seen. To make up for possibly being the last episodes of Shin Chan or the dubbed American version, the show will go on forever in Japan, the writers seemed to go over the top. With no airings on Adult Swim, no topic is to horrible, nothing is too dirty to say. Its silly a f*ck.

Shin Chan Part Two of Season Three pulls off some of the most heinous acts possible. Shin and crew seem dirtier that ever. One episode has Bitzi, Shin's Aunt, doing the nasty with his Grandpa. There might be nothing suitable for anyone else to stroll into the room while your watching that won't make them think your watching porn.
Shin gets naked. Shin gets naked a lot. I was already amazed by Shin pulling on his wang's foreskin, which is super stretchy, in part one. He pulls it way to far out, but part two has accidental penis touching. There's a penis touching party going down in this show. There isn't a way the new writers could have conceived that.

Once again, I feel the writers watched some movies and just pounded out dirty words, when the animation already has off beat bits to make fun of. I really wanted the writers to come back refreshed from part one, but they seem to have given up and just put in poop and pop culture insults that I hope I'll remember when I watch these episodes again. They mix pop culture with just plain dirty filth. They push the line into a dump and beat it with billy clubs, then set in on fire as it's family watches it burn.

What I just wrote about flames is similar to the the new annoying coach Shin gets and Penny falls in love with. The flames around the new P.E. coach are suppose to depict intensity, but the writers changed him early on to be a mutant who will kill the children unless they help him in the future race war. He seems to mellow out, but kills a vagrant or too in the end. Yeah, the basically ripped off the X-Men, and I can of hated these episodes the most. The writers just changed the episode way to much. Even though the coach is voiced by the same guy who does Sgt. Keroro of Sgt Frog it got annoying.

Bitzi's back, Shin's Aunt that was added this season with an addiction to brown-brown and moves on to some sort of non-lesbian relationship, but not before doing more drug jokes and being possibly the worst role model for Shin ever. Shin in a lot of the episodes doesn't even seem like the star, he's more like the constant annoyance or doom that others have to seemingly get once and a while. One episode had Shin so annoying that one of his teachers pretended to be zombie Micheal Jackson.

Poor role models award for worst person to be around might be Miss Polly who is a total sex freak. The naughty stuff she spouts this season around kids still in kindergarten are amazing. Man or woman, outside or inside, whatever you conceive Miss Polly has done it or want to do it.

The Kappa and the Panda will break your brain as suddenly they step in the show making it seem even more unreal. For some reason a small Panda encounters Shin and will give him some special Action Bastard underwear if he helps him find a mate. BTW this Panda wears underwear. After Shin's entire class and bus are in Panda suits for no reason, bigger Pandas with machine guns come for revenge. It's all very confusing, because whatever was the original plot from the Japanese cartoon is changed to Ench killing animals for his magic show back in the day. Yeah, don't try and follow all of that, just know Pandas try and hurt Shin.

Oh Mr Kappa, why don't you wear the Panda's underwear? A Kappa(Japanese water monster) befriends Shin as an attempt for the show not to be cancelled. Breaking the fourth wall a bit, this DVD set has the Kool-Aid mascot breaking through it hard, figuratively. The Kool-aid mascot isn't really in the episodes.

Shin's friends have all changes slightly with Georgie now poor and without a maid, Penny no longer gets beat by her dad who found god, but now she craves violence. Boo's still into rocks and Maso, well he touches Shin's penis, by accident.

If you want ridiculous episodes then look no further then Shin Chan babies episode which has Shin and crew being slightly younger , since there all quite young in the first place. It's weird to see even shorter forms of the Shin Chan crew. Shin at this point can only say random curse words and body parts.

I don't want Shin Chan to go, it has so many off beat stories and such a peculiar animation style. Just looking at it you"ll know what off-model means, it does however give the show a distinctive look. I just wan the writers to lay off the Netflix and just make fun with the awkward and Japanese standards of living. Shin is just the Bug Bunny are Bart Simpson of Japan

 I mean who keeps giving him these poop costumes? They can't be bought in stores. It's a different poop costume from the first part of Season 3. So Shin has multiple poop costume somewhere. Oh, Shin never change, I wonder what poop costume you"ll have next year. Here's hoping for more poop.