Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween 2011: Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2011

At the stroke of 8pm I was allowed in for a night of scares, thrills, and chainsaw-wielding psychotic clowns.

It wast the first night of Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2011 now until Oct 31st

As I passed by the Eyegore Awards going on and would be later passed by Corey Feldman on a way to a maze, I saw gigantic flames from the Clownz Scare Zone as zombies scared young woman. What a great place to go!
I did manage to go through every single maze, 6 in all.

  • Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare
  • Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses: In 3D ZombieVision
  • Wolf Man: The Curse of Talbot Hall
  • La Llorona: Villa De Almas Pedidas
  • The Thing: Assimilation
  • Hostel: Hunting Season 

  • Screams of young woman, wailing from grown men and psychotic circus clowns all around us, as the opening night of Horror Nights began. Through every maze did I creep, get startled and randomly frighted by no good ghouls, aliens and freaks.

    Alice Cooper started the show with a world seemingly about himself. His head on giant monsters, his head cut off, if you ever imagined Alice Cooper as anything it was there. His voice calms in calmly outside of his nightmare maze. "Hey you're riding and escalator late at night and this is Alice Cooper" I laughed. Alice Cooper spouting lines about escalators safety and such just puts you in a Halloween mood.

    Rob Zombie's House is made dreadfully fun with the 3D effect with the use of glasses. Blood and whatever else pops up at you as does murderers and psychos.

    The Wolf Man might be have the least amount of guts usage, but is high on getting lost as mirrored caverns make you lose your sense of directions. Nostalgia is high as classic universal monster wan to get you. A startling re-creation of Dr.Frankenstein's Lab dwells with in the maze with plenty of old monsters to bite your head off.

    La Llorona is a nice take on Mexican and Spanish culture myths. One part of a giant woman witch eating someone is just to horrifying not to slow down and admire how horrible that would be if really happening.

    The Thing sets you in an arctic base and unlike the awful new movie heading to theaters this maze was scary and thrilling. The Thing has plenty of half human monsters crawling through walls trying to absorb you. Being fan of the original makes you just brim with glee.

    Hostel which might have be the most liked maze from people's opinions had rows of weapons to be used on you. Strange men in doctor suits were torturing victims. Weird animals kept popping up for a bite.

    Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure might have been called Bill and Ted's Terrible Pop Culture Adventure That Sucks. A story that makes no sense with nothing to do with Halloween had me wondering why had I stopped to seat here while I could have gone on The Simpsons Ride. Would it be so hard to bring back Beetlejuice's Show for Halloween?

    What made up for that let down was the Terror Tram. Forget whatever tram tour you've been on before. Your going to sets of new horror movies like Zombiez On A Plane. On the way you"ll travel through Bates Motel and also meet an old friend from the Scream movies. I have to say the craftsman ship and detail on the plane wreck for Zombiez on a plane set was above and beyond other mazes. It was like walking through a real plane crash with zombies after you. It reminded me of the secret level of Twisted Metal: Black. Where you shoot down a plane and you ride through it.

    There were many zombies and freaks trying to eat me that night. Many people got wet and screamed loudly as they went through Jurassic Park in the Dark and before I could leave around 1:45 am many clowns with chainsaws blocked my way sending screaming women in droves at me.

    Enjoy the opportunity to go to the park while it lats because at the end of October it"ll be dead.