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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween 2011:BloodRayne: Betrayal Review

Available now on Xbox Live and PSN

Get your fangs out of my face girl! Rayne is back as a blood sucking cutie with an anime makeover. Wayforward made Rayne tinier for a 2D adventure and put her in a hardcore slice and suck them beat'em up. This vampire lady wants a piece of you, you and you. With Halloween right around the corner it might be a fun way to spend your nights.

Wayforward pulls of a nice art style and with your rocket coffin entering and exiting each level you know your in for  more than simple fighter.
Rayne has multiple attacks. Multiple slices with her arm implements. Sucking blood from enemies to replenish health and kill them. Rayne has a explosion attack where you stop mid-suck , which contaminates your prey and lets you blow them up at your leisure. A gun to blow away enemies. Dash and double jumps.
So how's game play? It's mixed to me. If your into hardcore gaming then the controls are like Contra. Pulling of back flips can get annoying. What I though was crucial and missing was the ability to duck. I wan to dodge a bullet, but can't. I can fire one back and blow away my foes with ease, though.

Level design is both eye catching and hard. Wayforward made the game more then just a beat'em up it's got platforms and obstacles to dodge, which can get annoying when you just want to take down foes. Wayforwad puts in it's old trick of just seeing the silhouette of fights sometimes that I've seen in multiple games they've had.

BloodRayne: Betrayal was made with a more hardcore gamer intended, I would have like an easier more straightforward game from Wayforward. The little additions like enemies you can still stomp on after defeating them and other little elements shows time was taken with the game. I would have wanted something easier to play, though.

If your a hardcore gamer or horror fan or just want to kill some vampires and monsters around Halloween this game is for you.

Reviewer was given promo code from Majesco to review game