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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Burbank Film Festival 2011: Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos

Happening the same day as the final episode of the series on Adult Swim makes it sad it"ll be the last of new Fullmetal animation for a while. America is now caught up with all things Fullmetal Alchemist.

spoilers ahead

Fullmetal alchemist playing in Burbank had fans coming out early to see Ed and Al out of there usual fights with the Homuncului. Instead your taken on a thrilling ride on board a train. Yes, an old fashion coal burning train. Did I mention the train has werewolves (chimeras), flying people in bat suits, a freaky new alchemist with ice and lightning powers and one really pissed of

Edward Elric!

  Well, that's not even the start, but sets forth how much action is in the movie. Once again combining martial arts with magic, like Soul Eater, it's like watching wizards battle, wizards that learned karate.

The new alchemist I mentioned Melvin Voyager is the brother of a cute new love interest for Al, Julia Chriton. Their last names don't match up for a reason you"ll find out in the movie. Melvin's packing some new ice and lightning energy. While, his sister has healing alchemy.

Julia! Julia! Julia! The movie might be a set back to the The Castle of Cagliostro with a young lady being the main view. The Star of Milos goes well beyond "Castle" that it almost forgets the Elric Brothers.  Julia and here brother are the main characters.

At some times I felt the director didn't even want to include the Elric Brothers, because it times it didn't seem they were even needed to the story.

Mustang and Winry eventually show up for some forgettable cameos. One scene literally has Mustang just tired after a battle he just had that you didn't see.

The new location of Table City adds an element of change to the series with a spanking new location that has a mystery in it. The mystery is so complex you"ll be laughing at the ingenuity and the stupidity in it. Let me just say you'd need a lot more of that stuff for it to work

The fights, betrayals, mystery and double crosses are quite astounding, leaving you with a "Wow what just happened sensation" The animation from Bones is top notch, but I think the prior Fullmetal Alchemist film was better, because it was actually about the characters from the series.

It won both Best Feature (Animation) and Best Writing (Animation/Adaption) in the Burbank Film Festival.