Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Burbank Film Festival 2011: Spike and Mike's Twisted Animation Festival

Why more animators don't show up amazes me. This event, for those who make cartoons or watch them should have much wider attendance. It was a little past midnight on Friday September 16th as I sat down near an animator for one of the shorts, he explained Spike and Mike's isn't your average cartoon festival.

Back when they started Spike and Mike's, people were encouraged to be jerks and talk insults about the shorts. Beach balls were meant to be thrown and sneaking in some beer and pot was not looked down upon.

Nothing is looked down upon at Spike and Mike's. Drugs, sex, nudity, violence, boobs, shit and whatever else you can imagine with a heavy dose of dark comedy is shown at the festival.

Chainsaw Maid done in clay was a nice little zombie short with someone throwing up all their play-doh guts. Tittybop is exactly as it's name, a titty being bopped. Captain Awesome about a superhero who needed to use the bathroom was a plunge into adventure and the the toilet. Key Lime Pie was a work of genius with smooth, scary animation over a desert. A desert you"ll die for. All of the shorts added a little piece to the show, that forms a neverending array of asking, 'What horrible thing am I going to see next?" and laugh at IT.

I'm amazed it wasn't sold out and in the middle of Burbank, basically the land of animation. I hope in the future maybe Spike and Mike's inspires Newgrounds to have a traveling show or have the animators nearby showcase some of their inappropriate work in the Burbank Film Festival