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Monday, September 5, 2011

Girl Time with Cake the Cat and Fionna the Human

 It's finally here, the reverse sex episode of Adventure Time. Finn and Jake are now Fiona and Cake in the episode titled "Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake". Check out the whole Adventure Time cast as their male or female counterparts run wild. The guest voices via Wiki are: Madeleine Martin as Fionna, Roz Ryan as Cake(if you watched Flapjack, the voice will be familiar), Grey DeLisle as The Ice Queen, and Neil Patrick Harris as Prince Gumball. That's right Neil Patrick Harris is Prince Gumball!

This was all thanks to Natasha Allergi one of the AT crew who created Fiona and Cake for fun online. Small comics can be seen floating around the net of Fiona and Cake. Fans enjoyed them so much they got a episode. You can see Natasha holding a Lady Rainicorn stickey note dispenser I sent to her below.

Please come out to a AT event in the future Natasha, all the fans want to meet you!
 Fiona and Cake are so popular they've already been cosplayed a million timea at different comic and nerd events. Other characters from the gender swapped world have also been seen in different nerd outings.
 Remember fans to voice your support of these new characters, the network does pay attention and it could even allow for a spin off of these new characters or maybe another episode starring them.

I've already seen the episode and I can say it's amazing. Some of the things they pulled off passed the network censors are just too funny. Don't worry everything's still clean, it's just they way how some things look like there about to go. But you"ll see it for yourselves today, on Adventure Time!

                                      Here are some unused designs from the episode post on Natasha's Tumblr
                                    It looks like something really horrible happened, immediately followed by baking stuff.

                                      Someone pointed out that Fiona's prom dress was a fun rip on Sailor Moon's

                                Some say Natasha is a little obsessive about her cat named Pancake include herself the above piece was part of a web-comic art show in San Fran.

Rebecca Sugar also did some designs for fun, too. She wrote a bit about the episode, too.

" I fought for Marshall Lee( male version of Marceline)- I wrote him lines but they were cut for time! I practically begged Pen to let me work overtime to put him back in the episode, even in some small way. I wanted him to be voiced by Dante Basco"

" Adam and I really worked to make this one special. We changed it a lot, the outline actually had no Ice Queen in it at all! No ball, no crystal sword… act two used to be a date in a restaurant! We both knew we wanted more fighting, and if there had to be a date, it would be a date with swords and skulls and fighting!"

So Marshal Lee was suppose to talk, hopefully for another look into the swapped gender world we get just that.

 The storyboard cover (in color) with Madam Muto and Roberto Sugar, get it? Below the title card

                                          Here's the title card from last week's Wizard Battle with storyboard cover