Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How Does Stacked, Stack Up?

Terrible pun, but how was Stacked? I went to the official opening to try it out. Unlike, another poor decision from Nolan Bushnell like uWink or signing to never work in the game industry ever again, Stacked works. Tastes damn good, too. You"ll find it fun to play with the iPad menu, either choosing already laid out items or designing your own, check my video below to see how it all works.

Del Amo Fashion Center
3525 W Carson St

Torrance, CA 90503

(310) 542-5068     
 Using software they made on their own, they use the iPad's power for a great presentation of selecting what your getting.  What your getting will be yummy. I myself ordered a huge burger with all the fixins, which came in a timely manner and was truly filling. The chips they make themselves are really great to eat fresh , because they almost melt in your mouth. Get them and the yam fries with ranch dressing, it's a treat.

 Beer, wine, it's all available with some rare labels. The place isn't just for adults there's a kids menu, too. Sausages, pizza, salad, burgers and yummy shakes round up the menu. With different combinations at your fingertips, take as long as you want figuring out what to get.

Don't worry about using the menu to much, there is human interaction with your server and they"ll be sure to help you out if you have any questions. Another question I brought up is security and cleanliness with the iPad. To start your iPad your swipe your card, which activates the menu. You can then enter your info if you become a member, so you favorites can be saved. At the end, you swipe you card again after choosing checkout. A server will then come out with a paper receipt. After that, the iPad you were using is cleaned for smudge marks and such and charged or has the battery swapped.

 It's much faster to use the iPad than the more than 100 flavor soda machine I mentioned before in Melrose.

So here's just some facts to throw out at you.The places is not intended to be a sports bar. Doesn't stay up that late, talking 11pm on weekends. The menu at this point doesn't feature games and I don't believe was ever intended too. In development is app for iPhones and iPads so that you can order using your own. That's really the main reason someone gets an iPad to show it off. This might become the perfect occasion for iPad owners to show how much cooler they are in their minds then  there friends. It's from the same people who created the BJ's restaurants.

It spells out the sites acronym  TTDILA