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Thursday, June 23, 2011

OMG Food Party in LA!

Food Party and Thu Tran will be having a live show at the Cinefamily June 30 as part of Everything is Terrible Festival . Food Party started out as a show with puppets and cooking in Thu's apartment, then IFC got it for two seasons. The bizarre warped sense of humor, the non-sense making plots and set design out of some nightmarish kindergarten of color. From killing puppets skinning them a live and eating them to being stuck in a time loop the show went in whole other directions.

You should be terribly excited to see what lunacy and strangness will happen, while Thu keeps a straight face. Puppets, mutilation, allegories about what time and space are await you for this insane brand of humorm that"ll make yo go WTF.

Above is only a small part of the everything is terrible festival starting June 30th through July 4, thats a lot of terrible stuff .

$90 for a pass $10 for individual shows,
A live panel feat. the writing staff from Conan O’Brien’s TBS talk show “Conan”!

  • - Andrew W.K.’s brand-new ├╝ber-motivational live lecture!

  • - Mark Hosler (of Negativland)’s Adventures In Illegal Art: a live video/storytelling presentation on the history of Negativland’s infamous and hilarious media hoaxes!

  • - A tribute to the Firesign Theater, with founding Firesign members Phil Proctor and Peter Bergman!

  • - Neil Hamburger’s tribute to Dora Hall, the queen of “vanity entertainment”!

  • - a rare 35mm screening of Joe Dante’s legendary Movie Orgy, the epic four-hour late ’60s found footage marathon!

  • - The Pelican Brief Project: a completely weird live re-scoring by Candybox Violence!

  • - Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation: the legendary ’80s VHS shot-for-shot remake of Raiders by a cast & crew of teenagers in Mississippi — with the film’s star Chris Strompolos in person!

  • - a megamix show of Cinefamily and Everything Is Terrible!’s favorite supercuts and trash compactors, featuring a live appearance by FourFour!

  • - a sneak preview of The Agency, the psyche-shattering new animated feature from David O’Reilly (“The External World”) & Vernon Chatman (“Wonder Showzen”)!

  • - The return of Rob Schrab & Dan Harmon’s Found Crap!

  • - A live version of IFC’s Food Party”, with host Thu Tran in person!!!!

  • - Sledgehammer: one of the earliest and most insane SOV (shot-on-video) horror films ever — with star Ted Prior in person!

  • - the return of the Found Footage Battle Royale!

  • - Everything Is Terrible! & Friends: assorted madness from EIT! and their favorite pals they’ve met on their mystical found footage journey (Black Magic Rollercoaster, Showbeast, Rem Lazar, Paul Crik and Brain Bludgeon!)