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Monday, June 20, 2011

Karate Robo Zaborgar Review

Go Karate Robo Zaborgar!

Tue, Jun 21st 10:30pmRegal Cinemas L.A. LIVE 11
$13.00 + $3.00 charge ( I know wtf)

From Noboru Iguchithe same director who gave us The Machine Girl and Robogeisha comes as one gentleman in the lobby called it power rangers and something with a D...D something, hhhm, then I said Black Dynamite and he said thats it. Then the go behind the counter complained about being a volunteer to some other volunteer, but he was still helpful and the drinks are still cheaper at the downtown independent then other lousy theaters. Two bucks for a medium, I think three for a big cup and free refill.

Back to the movie, I was blown away. They show started off like a remake of a 70's power rangers show with a twist, a lady's head came out of jar with a rocket flame. An evil Samurai robot already killed a bunch of cops, than a man on a robot motorcycle came in ... to kick some ass! He pulled down his speaker and told his bike to transform and attack. Boomerang cutters and rocket punches, while his rider took on hench men of his own all while the opening credits came in and the opening theme was sung.
Karate Robo starts off like a regular Japaneses hero show, but adds a little risque jokes like Karate Robo checking out a girl robots panties. The sexy Miss Borg intrigues us and the hero Yutaka Daimon rider and controller of Karate Robo. Things go bad for Daimon, Karate Robo and Miss Borg or blown up, he loses his job and becomes a loser. The movie skips 25 years into the future. Daimon has become the driver of the jerk Prime Minister and just loses his job, has diabetes and no robot. BTW his main enemy is still at large simply randomly sucking up people to his evil floating fortress and using there DNA to make a giant robot. The robot, get this, grows a little bit each time it gets more DNA, so a person might equal a finger or a organ or anyway it's suppose to take 10,000 people to finish it.                      
Suddenly, Diamon is encountered by his cyborg daughter Akiko, who he didn't know existed, he has to defend her from his own son? That's almost toward the end of this great send up to Sentai series in Japan.

The fights aren't half-assed they have some real battles across different stages and incorporate Zaborgar's use of Karate and that he is a motorcycle for some fun motorcycle fights and making out.

At the end you see how everything was based on a real show which is really funny and makes me want it to be on tv, Adult Swim your not putting anything better on, go for the rights.

Oh, yeah someone dressed as Tupac and a robot drove a car and stopped at a light as I headed to the theater, only in LA.