Friday, June 24, 2011

Game Hype: Ellie, Slime and Time

Did you ever play Monster's Tale, I did it's from Dreamrift and creator Kyle Gray. It came out month back and was a fun, rpg beatem-up platformer. Why I forget to mention in my review way back was
Ellie  was eluded to beingthe grand niece of Henry Hatsworth and the monsters world Ellie entered was or might be close to the puzzle world Henry Hatsworth fought in. These games are connected by having the same creator, however do to Monster's Tale being publish by Majesco and EA owning Henry Hatsworth, Kyle couldn't actually say they were related.

Another aspect of the game I enjoyed is one of the bosses robots is called AR4 and jokes about the mod chip there R4 are made through jokes of the AR4.

Rocket Slime 3, I din't see this up at E3, but I'm still excitied about this new game coming to 3DS, the orginal rocket slime for ds was a long weird fun rpg where you fought batttles with tanks castles I can't wait for the new one . This time you seem to be on the open sea and use pirate ships for battle.
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