Monday, June 20, 2011

Toy, DVD and Shirt Time!

The first dvd of Adventure Time will becoming out this September 27th. It"ll only be 6 episode, not the entire first season.
"Slumber Party Panic/Trouble in Lumpy Space", "Prisoners/Tree Trunks", "Enchridion/The Jiggler", "Ricardio/Business Time", "My Two Favorite People/Memories of Boom Boom Mountain" and "Finn the Wizard/Evicted are the episodes included. The packing is from the limited edition poster print from the Adventure Time art show a few months ago. I myself would have liked the first season on Blu-ray and dvd to be available. Fro some reason Cartton Network and Warner Home Video like releasing a few episode dvd's which is unfair to fans. It's priced lower, but I'd rather have than entire first season with extras, no word if that's in future plans. The box art, well I've already seen it, I would have liked some new box art. Sadly, it also doesn't have the real logo of the show, damn, it could have looked like the Enchridion, maybe that'll be a collectors edition release. I"ll give you and update when it comes out this Fall.

Right now over at Threadless you can submit a Adventure Time shirt design, the winners can recieve
  1. $2000 cash
  2. $250 Threadless gift certificate
  3. A piece of exclusive original show art signed by Pendleton Ward, Adventure Time creator

There's already some cool designs check them out below. The contest ends July 4, so move your butt if you want to submit in time.

The other big news is Adventure Time toys will be coming out this Fall via Jazwares. Jake the dog, Finn the human, Princess Bubblegum, The Ice King are confirmed to all have their own toy, we can only speculate the many others to come out. This part of the announcement got me really excited " 2” collectible figure packs featuring some of the show’s most popular characters, 5” pose-able action figures of Finn, Jake and the Ice King, assorted basic and signature plush – even some that talk, grow-able Finns and Jakes and a 24” role play sword", a grow-able Jake, oh man could they be possibly be resembling Stretch Armstrongs. The role play sword sounds great, too. I'm so glad the shows finally getting more stuff than some hot topic merch.

Look out at comic-con a special promotional toy is suppose to be there for Adventure Time to ring in the new toy line.

I"ll be sure to update you when the toys become available or what they look like. Now let's look at those shirts.

                                   This Ice King One above and the glow in the dark Peppermint Butler one below are my favorites. All of them are so creative. I also like the video game themed ones, it's great to see Beemo explode with so many video game items from so many different games. Then you have the jokes on Marceline eating shades of red. The Finn backpack shirts are are simple and fun, the working backpack one might be hard to make, but seems like a convenient way for you to carry a little extra.

 There even more and still time to submit your own

Natasha Allegri (artist on the show) recently had her birthday Saturday June 18th and drew a funny Fiona and Cake comic to celebrate, be sure to check out there future episode on Adventure Time coming out when the new season starts. Fans have already been cos-playing  as Fiona for a while now.

Check out Finn making a cameo in the web-comic Frog Racoon Stawberry, maybe they heard about the toy deal before the official announcement.