Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Scenesters Review

I don't think you can find a more in touch or local movie for LA than The Scenesters. It's damn funny, too.

The Scenesters follows a crime scene cleaner and a film crew through LA's hipster scene. Charlie finds clues the LAPD can't and informs the crime scene appointed videographer. The videographer sees more in Charlies and so does his producer. They start following Charlie as a documentary, putting in details to make his story more interesting, even telling him to get back together with his old flame who's a local news girl. Things start getting out of hand when the killer notices the film crew knows more than the police do.

Passing Sunset or places we"ve walked past feels you with glee. All of LA becomes a stage of this picture. I should say  picture withing picture or movie withing a movie. Everything going on is happening earlier for a great trip to a court room. I'm not a hundred percent , but I think I see Tommy Wiseau the star and the director of "The Room" every time they cut to the courthouse.

Just talking locally you"ll hear about Space land and Secret Headquarters, local music groups and always feel connected to a place you've been or should check out. I didn't know the history behind The Griffith Observatory was so grim and when the old abandoned zoo was mentioned, a local secret, I smirked with joy.

It's not only the LA locations it's the LA scene. The actors perfectly capture the douchness of wannabe directors, actors, and producers. It's what the city is made of, people trying to make it and acting poorly doing so.

I don't want to ruin any more  of it just pick it up now
The Scensters $15.49
or rent it on Netflix