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Sunday, June 12, 2011


K-On!, Yeah! 1,2,3,4, let's play! You get in the rock band sense of style watching K-On!It's about 4 young moe high school girls that make up the light music club band. They're normal anime arch-type girls. The main character is Yui, a lovable airhead.She's stupid, but cute and plays the lead guitar. Ritsu, the over-excited, joker and prank girl, she plays the drums. Mio the long black haired, shy girl. She play bass and the leader of the light music club. Ritsu and her have been friends for some time. Tsumugi the rich girl plays the keyboard. She allows for a lot of story elements since she's rich. Oh, now we can go to the Summer house, stuff like that. The make up the light music club at their high school.

Story wise you just get funny interactions between the girls trying to start the club. The main focus is Yui learning guitar. She does and seems to have a talent for it. There are just great little bits which make up the stories. One scene is Mio has developed callouses fingers from playing bass, so Yui starts playing with her finger and pressing the bumps going, "Squishy!". Mio asks, "Are you ready to stop?', "No", says Yui.

Stuff like that feels each episode. I wish there were more episodes to see. You get four episodes on the first volume and you've read how I feel about that in the past. If your going to release a anime series now you at least have to release it by seasons.

The episodes we get show the start of the band and we learn who the characters interact. At first I thought the series would be terrible, but it really won me over and I want to see more of what happens to the light music club. The Japanese word for light music is abbreviated making the word K-On. The don't really play light music, it's pop rock.

Voice acting is nice, It's funny to hear familiar voices from Haruhi Suzumia again. Original audio is of course available. The show looks great even though my copy was dvd the clarity was quite good.

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The next volume will be out this July pre-order it here $26.99