Monday, June 27, 2011

Cosplay It Up Son

There would really be no anime conventions without cosplay, people dressing up as their favorite characters or making mockiries of them.

Here's the AX forum page for cosplaying so you can find your group for the big photo ops, maybe put all the power rangers together. Here's the like wise cosplay forum thread for AM2.

Also has both a AX and AM2 forum for cosplay gatherings
I really want to see the Nintendo group gathering!

What's also relativelt sweet are repair stations for cosplayer located around AX, I believe they have free duct tape and some sewing supplkies for free to get you back on track.

Also if your bringing a weapon

1. Under 7 ft
2. Under 15 lbs (and I WILL be bringing a scale next time)
3. The ONLY place metal is allowed is in the handle (i.e. metal-handled lightsaber)

Almost anything counts as a weapon so any prop you bring needs to be peacebonded, just get it done so you don't get hassled.