Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Iron Man Surprise at Hero Complex

Hero Complex the last day. The last day was Sunday and it was Marvelous. DC was dead from yesterday and Iron Man 1 and 2 were in the house. What also unfolded was some magic, a extended trailer from Captain America was shown before being seen anywhere else, with it's writers present. Jon Favreau showed a extended version of Cowboy and Aliens. Edgar Wright was in the audience just for fun, that and he is in charge of Ant-Man

Then what happened ... Jon had the audience on it's knees with their mouths watering with a phone call to the set of Avengers calling Downey. Downey then appeared before us all making a grand entrance. The chemistry of these to was great. Downey complained Jon was sitting close enough, then when Jon got closer he said, "What is this a human centipede?" I laughed and went woo hoo.

Playing off each other the two answered questions unlike Jim Lee and Geoff Johns from the other day, it was nice and actually something you do at fan events. When asked of Iron Man 2 Jon revealed he was pressured by the higher-ups not to dwell so far into Tony's drinking, Downey kept saying they should have done more. After watching both movies again, you"ll notice how much Tony drink in the movie compared to the second one. I mean physically drinking, I'm sure wanted the movie to be more kid friendly, but you lose integrity. Jon and Downy really won me over with what they had to say about working on the movies. Jon showed how much time he puts into each movie and also explained that basically he could create almost anything he wanted for Iron Man 2. He talked of Marvel's start with Iron Man that really started the studio on it's path.

Hero Complex allowed for some great time with the director to explain himself and what he wanted most out of the movies, even before Downey showed up it was a great chance to hear what Favreau had to say about his work. From pulling from his childhood to the thousands of Iron Man stories it was a great chance to connect with fans that DC wasted this year.

Couldn't bring a Green Lantern clip? Isn't it premiering at LA Film Fest or something, not that far away .

Sorry for the blurry video, camera wasn't working well