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Friday, June 24, 2011

AM2 What I Look Forward To

It's free, everbody can come and hang out for free! AM2 the Animation, Manga and Muisc festival is all free. Oh, but parking.

I"ll be covering this and Anime Expo July 1st-4th
Special SCANDAL Meet and Greet

all pass holders get some extra time with Scandal July 4, 2011 From 10:00 am ­ 11:30 am at the Tiffany Terrace of the Sheraton Park Hotel
, plus they have a freaking concert on Sunday. They've done the opening themes and closing for a lot of show, so it"ll be fun to hear the live and in concert.

World Cosplay Summit

Iron Cosplay

Making a cosplay costume out of strange or everday items with limited time. This will be fun to watch and partipate in.
I can't wait to see what extremely detail or wacky costume people come up with. Be sure to check the forums if you want to mee in big groups for the anime series you might be a part of. Nothing beats a picture of 100 Narutos for no reason.

The end of Tokyopop,news to me, but there having a liquiditaion sale on all their merch at the convention. Man I bought Battle Rotal from them. Stu Levy who  is still in chrge of the Tokyopop Media LLC divison and made that awful World's Great Otaku show, he had just a terrible presence on camera, was in charge of the company. I just didn't know that I wondered he had that show.

AniMaid Café

Maid cafe, sure there's one in LA being Royal T, but they won't play video games and Jenga with you

Making fun of anime culture in anime events for years