Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hero Complex, Boring Speech from Jim Lee and Geoff Johns

Jim Lee and Geoff Johns spoke at Hero Complex yesterday and didn't reveal much of anything. Jim Lee talked of  the Justice League reboot comic, no details. He did say Green Lantern goes up to Batman and says, "What powers do you have?", he also hinted  some other hard relationships in the way that Green Lantern is suppose to protect earth from alien threats and meeting Superman might be awkward. I didn't like Jim Lee's attempted jokes at how bad  early JLA stories were, saying something like what villains did they have, trees and star men. He got off it fast, he could tell the crowd wasn't behind him on that.

Jim and Geoff  want big reasons for DC heroes to come together. Understandable, but you don't need to reboot the series, just have good writers, which the Justice League hasn't had for a while. Not also amazing to have core members in the league again, which is what the team is suppose to be, the biggest most notable characters. It's really like they said everything that everybody knows about making a good JLA comic, like we forgot or something. It sounds like a good read, just to much hype, let the writing and art sell it.
The worst thing was hearing Geoff and Jim about making the comics more fun to read on the iPad,  wiht same day online release. It's great there on the iPad and other junk, but it's something that should have already been out. Geoff went on about fun ways to switch pages on the iPad and move it around, which he didn't demonstrate so it sounded stupid. He should have had that ready or shown that with a iPad, but he didn't. It was like him saying and this is me making fun, "Yeah, so your gonna move your iPad around to get a better experience, don't have it with me to show you, didn't care to dress well for this, just in my torn jeans, Jim Lee took the time to, I can just put on a Green Lantern hat. Brought one lousy picture of  new Superman out of context.Warner Bros is forcing us to do this to capitatlize more on the movies, because someone finally realized they could make money like Marvel by churning out all the other heroes. No Justice League movie ever." None of that was said, but felt. BTW, I do like Johns writing, catch him at the Emerald Knights dvd signing at Emerald Knights, happening today June 12th. Even though it came out already. It's good by the way, rips from a lot of old stories and is very much like a an anime. Forgot continuity of Green Lantern First Flight, it did not happen apparently.
Grant Morrison sent in a video message talking about his run on Action Comics. Might be a fun read unless Superman is just so rewritten that his a douche or something.