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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why is Elijah Wood in Wilfred?

Wilfred will fail, it will fail big. Elijah Wood is a talented actor and can do much better roles. I don't know why he's wasting his time with this. The series has been hyped for so long with little to back it up. Like most sitcoms it was taken from another country and brought over here, recast and slightly altered to fit american audiences. It's amazing FX is choosing to put this out when they've so captured the male demographisc they've wanted with Archer, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and The League. Louie starts when Wilfred does, followed shortly by the last season of Rescue Me. Why bring Wilfred into the picture?

For those who haven't seen the preview Elijah plays a suicidal man who sees a cute girl's dog as a man in a dog suit. It's nothing like the other comedies that depend on good writing and a group dynamic comedy. It's main joke is, "Hey, look that guys is a dog suit, this show is intellectual".  I'm sure will have joke after joke of a man in a dog suit, it will get old fast.

Elijah Wood could have done something so much better with his time, he is a voic-actor for the new tron cartoon which was probably a better use of his time than this garbage

On the subject of garbage Wired had a great, short, interview with Bonnie Hammer in charge of NBC-Universal that's USA Network and Sci-Fi and other stations with the WWE . It somewhat explains why every show is the same bland show. If you've ever wonder why you see the same boring crap you can thank her.

"For USA, it’s three things: Is there a slightly flawed but likable lead character? Is there a strong drama with a dollop of humor? Is it blue skies? I mean that literally and figuratively. Exterior shots showing blue skies add a levity and brightness to each show."-Hammer

Nice shot of looking like bond villian btw.

If you want to see the future Hindeburg that is Wilfred, it starts June 23rd on FX.