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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beetroot, I Mean ReBoot Seasons 3 & 4 Review

Episodes parody so much other media with in jokes at every turn. I saw references to Mortal Kombat, Xena, Star Trek, Marvel and DC, Wacky Races, James Bond and Nerf Guns. It's the way ReBoot would cram the references in the episodes and combine them. Who'd think of a Wacky Races and James Bond episode. It's so random. They even copied a stylized James Bond opening, "It's a firewall!"

The series takes a much darker tone as Bob is lost and Megatron Megabyte seems to be holding all the cards. Things get worse when Enzo loses a game and AndrAla, Frisket and himself have to go with it to survive and not be nullified. Suddenly, the series shifts it's focus on a much older AndrAla and Enzo trying to find their way home, but helping damaged systems along the way.

Enzo almost loses hop more than once, a encounter with Turbo the head guardian, Marks the situation grow even worse and all guardian are infected with a virus putting them under a new super powerful virus. It also gives Enzo a new reason to find Bob as his code is clean and might be the only way to cure the net. Enzo along the way meets up with a pirate crew he knows from the past and a new friend who lets them search the web.

One of the greatest parts of the show was encasing the pirate ship the Saucy Mare in dead web creatures making it look totally bad ass. Another great feature of the episodes in Enzo's gun which has multiple modes and powers and even comes to Enzo when he beckons."Let's get the ASCII out of here" lines like that cover the series made only in a computer world would those jokes work around people who aren't nerds.

The end of mainframe and restart is stunning if your a fan of the series, seeing everything come back together after Megabyte destroyed it.The fourth season suffers from ending early and on a cliffhanger.

Some huge battles ensue and a fight between Enzo and Megabyte that's been built up for some time. For early cgi animation the show pulls off some great cinematic elements. One scene of just Megabyte getting closer and closer to Enzo after Enzo has fallen. The clang of Megabyte feet on the hull of the principal office.

There's huge character development with Hexadecimal and the bizarre somewhat Jesus Christ returning of Bob. You could tell Mainframe entertainment was getting a bit to spiritual with the computer stuff.  Once scene has Bob communicating with a giant glitch.Oh, yeah there's the whole Glitch Bob, where Glitch and Bob become one entity. Bob gets superpowers and looks, kind of like a walking Jesus metaphor.

Another big surprise was seeing Marv Wolfman's name a writing credit, it might not be the comic writer, but episodes seem written well.

Cameos are everywhere, as stated earlier. Sailor Moon bites it, the Blues Brothers show up and the scene from the original Frankenstein is used to cover Hexadecimal's rebirth. While I was watching the first season of Beast Wars, Mainframe Entertainment used the Frankenstein it's alive scene for when the Dino-Bot clone was created. If you watch cartoons or television everyone uses it a homage or because they're cartoon writers and they steal things. Even Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z show up s references.

It has a great continuity to it and keeps itself going like a soap opera. Characters to get entangled with and enough bad jokes to crash your hard drive, sorry. Pick it up to see what happens from the first set.

ReBoot: Season Three and Four $21.99 on Amazon