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Saturday, June 11, 2011


This past weekend was Botcon, the Transformers convention and let me tell you something, I felt transformed, ravaged, perceptive, prime. This is my journey into the world of perfect fandom, a community and culture that helped shape, no, is a pillar the modern era.

My spark, literally burning in my chest, I made my way forth towards the Pasadena Convention Center, I was greeted by these colorful banners and hotdogs, and many people disobeying traffic laws. Yet I was also greeted by Bumblebee and Ratchet, two of the most beloved characters in Transformers.

Yet, a TransLIAR, some sort of Decepticon, decided to show their face as well.

As I pushed forth, weary from walking more than 15 yards from my parking space I made my way inside, once again greeted by Decepticons, but this one was from the all new action packed super smash hit blockbuster summer movie Transformers: Dark of The Moon. Immediately I began lubricating myself from fear, I looked up and shouted HUZZAH I AM SAV-ED for the Autobots were out in full force to protect me from myself as I now appeared to be a crazy person. Well anyone would think you're crazy if they knew your secrets so shut up and stop judging me dad, god, uhhh, please and whatever happened to my hand because you should now be in the process of talking to it.

Now out of lubricant and dignity I hungered for energon. In my quest I began attempting to communicate with the local peoples, first I found their ancient artworks and sculptures perhaps a guide towards an energon rich territory.

It was then that I discovered the artisans, those who would depict the Transformers in their own way.

After conversing with the artisans, I discovered much to my dismay that there was in fact no energon to be had at this gathering of cons,there was however a composer Stan Bush, who wrote the musical score for The Transformers: The Movie. His melodies brought me back to minor sanity and I made my way towards some Cosplayers, a move not thought of often after regaining ones sanity.

So, after excessive embarrassment and awkward wondering around aimlessly, I finally decided to visit a panel of voice actors and a writer and took some god awful photos because my camera is terrible, I do apologize for the dishonor. At this panel were the following Flint Dille, Neil Ross, and Gregg Berger with special unannounced guest Paul Eiding.

It was a fine panel if I do say so myself and all of these men answered the Q&A with much wisdom and experience.

As I began to leave Botcon I was reminded once again of that Jesus truck because it was parked right  across the street. Who does that?

Before I forget, there were also a tremendous amount of toys for sale, and many people sowed up with suitcases full of toys for trade. I have no idea how that works but I assume it's fairly literal.

P.S. Parking was like $9, and tickets were $10 for kids $20 for adults

Matthew Kwasman is new to Things To Do In LA. Gamer, comic-fan, film and computer tech all serve as his interests. Having his own opinions and debating them make him stand out when others reason. He find fault and finds solution or just finds more fault.