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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mad Totally Brings It On To Adventure Time

I'm waiting to write "Mad Got Served" later. The skit above  was posted on the AT art blog. The latest Mad directly attacks the Adventure Time and the Regular show crews. When Captain America is frozen in ice like Finn from the original short of the show he meets the Watcher instead of Abraham Lincoln. The Watcher, voiced by Dana Synder, takes a jab at the crews saying " I see the crews of other cartoons sitting in a deli complaining about Mad like a bunch of sissies". As I reported on the crews of Adventure Time and Regular Show go down the street to Moore's Delicatessen for the premieres of their episodes. When I visited once the Mad crew was not in attendance with them. I'd also like to say that don't much as complain about Mad as to get up and leave when Mad comes on.

Mad to me is tween garbage jokes. They have the knowledge of comics and other fan stuff, but that can't properly mix with the age group they're after. Some of the skits are just not funny sort of like the current season of Robot Chicken. Mad is like Robot Chicken Jr. which isn't aloud to do the more dirty jokes it wants too.

I'm not entirely sure how much is even done in-house or given to other animation companies. Jorge R. Gutierrez work is shown for the skit below, I don't think he's apart of Mad directly, so I don't know how many people from Mad are even in Cartoon Network offices with AT and Reg Show.

Here are the comments from capcom unity where I found the video above.

I can't speak for the Adventure Time Crew, but as a fan. Don't ever go near the Adventure Time and Regular Show crews, your not welcome in that diner. I mean you Kevin Shinick and Mark Marek, hmm Mark Marek, so like your parents took the "e" off Marek to name you. The Adventure Time crew and Regular show crews are good people, your crews are probably jerks with bad qualities like drug addictions or personality problems. You don't have a blog for your work, art show or fans like Adventure Time because you aren't liked. Regular Show you're great, too. I just watched the Baby Ducks episode with friends today and we laughed quite a bit. Not you Mad you go to the Burbank Mall food court, alone. You don't go to Portos on Magnolia, you don't deserve it.