Thursday, June 9, 2011

Coaster Get

I've been looking for some new coasters since my Maakies by Tony Millionaire were getting old. So, I decided to look for new ones, Met millionaire him once, could hardly understand him. He talked like I write, unintelligible. I was so sad he decided to go with cgi for his adult swim show, his art is one reason I enjoy his work so much and the cheap ugly cgi ruined it.

Back to coaster hunting.

OrnithologyLetterpress Coasters by Ryan Todd

Strange takes on birds, I like the one looking like a WWI plane going down.

Palette Coasters by labyrinth, spain

OriginalFake Rubber Coaster Set by Kaws

Stargate Coasters by Quantum Mechanix

Shuriken Coasters by DougBest

Space Invaders Coasters by Cameron Oehler 

who also made
Space Invaders Cutting Board by Cameron Oehler 

Right after I post this do I find the ones I want,

Block Coasters by Jon Kay