Thursday, June 23, 2011

Alternatives to Netflix for Anime

Anime Lane

The only ones I trust are below. I used Animelane before

2 DVDs out at a time @ $12.99/mo.** (*intro price: $9.99/mo)
It has a better selection than Netflix for anime

Anime Lane also carries a wide selection of imports of Japanese, Chinese and other Asian countries that not even Netflix carries. Some of these are very ludicrous tiltes like
Sailor Suit & Machine Gun other might be gems not seen stateside before. It carries the new titles for all the brand new stuff coming out.

Anime Takeout

If you want to rent manga and if you can't afford every new title, Manga Takeout seems to be the best source and is part of Anime Takeout.

2-Out Plan 2 Manga/DVD checked out at a time $25.95
4-Out Plan 4 Manga/DVD checked out at a time $41.95

You may also rent DVDs in place of Manga as a part of your subscription plan.
Manga books are shipped 2 at a time regardless of the subscription plan

Both have much wider selections  of what you've find in Netflix.

The problem is you might be to spoiled by Netflix, their interfaces are easy enough, but you can't compare to hoe easy and fast Netflix is. The only other problem is canceling the rental service for Anime Lane wasn't easy to find, but when I did no extra charges were put on or mistakes.