Friday, June 24, 2011

Commercial Kings Doesn't Sell Me

It's a great concept that doesn't fully win me over.  I would have liked to simply see what happens in the course of the day and the result, the added content needs to go. The can make some funny commercials, but it seems like they could have been a segment on a much larger show.

Here are my problems with the show

-The bad side jokes with Rhett and Link after they've done the episode, but put in the show right after someone says something, just keep what you said at the moment.

-This include Rhett and Link acting or pretending to be dumb ie"what the cats are colorblind, we didn't know"

-The side segments, just talking to people seems strange.

-Lack of background music during the show

If they just relaxed and let themselves act natural Rhett and Link would win me over instead of kind of coming off as jerks.