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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Car slams into cyclists like bowling ball knocking down pins

Eleven bicyclists of the Midnight Ridazz were run down by some un-named 27-year old woman near Balwdin Hills. Don't ride your bikes at night kids, this is why. It doesn't matter if your safe, other people aren't safe.via LA Times

Riding your bike in a large group at night in busy streets, no your not a jackass doing that. In  a major metropolitan city. I wonder if they have stupid shirts.

Yes, yes they do.

I also want to thank them for wasting the police's time being their babysitters on these childish excursions. The skull emblem is sort of a indication they want to get hit to me. Anyway here's a pic from there zombie bike in Whittier

Remember to drink and bike

This is why I don't care about them complaining , instead of going there well dressed and having a real discussion outside, they wore shit and covered themselves in blood, I'm not going to take you seriously, if you want to act like hippies why the Hell should I care.

Blood-In Press Conference

Just act like adults.