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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Getting Green Doesn't Mean What It Use To Mean

Two sites right now for viral marketing for Green Lantern out in a few weeks. Writing on the wall, Dr.Waller's blog and Newton and District Astronomer’s Club have been going at it over a anomaly in the sky. You can still write in, when I wrote back I got a fun response, they seem to know their comic book history. It's not a automated response someone's really reading them. If you know you comic history Dr. Waller if anything like the Amanda Waller counterpart  fans have read about in comic and seen on cartoons isn't good news for Green Lantern.
Spitzer Data Interface Tutorial from DEOBR Public on Vimeo.
There's also this strange web interface to help Dr. Waller find the rings in the haze you can help with