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Friday, June 3, 2011

Disney Universe Totally A Rip-Off Of Little Big Planet

They way the character points and the tongue sticks out at the end of the trailer, did they just want a lawsuit? It's so blatant, it's funny. With so many problems from Disney Interactive including massive layoffs and I believe the head of the studio leaving around the time the awful Tron game came out. I would love to see Sony sue them.

Disney Interactive has been showing big losses due what I would essentially call bad games. I think they"ll spin it some other way, but they just haven't produced anything that great, others blame not having a good socially interactive game. Maybe, Disney Universe will do that if it borrows steals game play from Little Big Planet making it playable.

The outfits in the game give special abilities based on the character your wearing. Levels will be based on Disney worlds like Tron and other movies with maybe similar goals for the movie. 4 player co-op game play.

The last game I liked from Disney Interactive was Guilty Party, a crime solving game about a mismatched family of detectives worthy of being a 90's Disney cartoon. Created by the Wideload team now acquired by Disney Interactive. Disney Interactive should try and focus on making games that will be enjoyable and creative. Of course, they have a huge catalog of characters to use and if they can't create a good game, than it's due to poor management and leadership, not the people making the games.