Friday, June 3, 2011

Beast Wars, Maximize! this screen to read the review

Beast Wars Transformers just in time for Bot-Con or maybe a little bit after, it comes out June 7th.

Beast Wars is 90's cartoon cgi goodness. Taking Transformers to a whole new level, by bringing animals instead of cars and planes. If you weren't a fan of the series let me set it up for you. Two alien ships crash to a strange world that might be earth. Two robot clans Maximals, the good guys and Predacons, obviously bad guys from the name battle for Energon, an abundant resource on the planet their on. So powerful and abundant is Energon the robots most take on new forms to protect their robot bodies. They scan the planet for such forms and find it in animals and insects. Now they fight to leave the planet and get the Energon.

For it's time it might have looked impressive, but by today's standards Beast Wars doesn't hold up as well. I think it's Prime. Sorry, that line is used so often in the beginning episodes. That be Prime, this'll be Prime, over and over again. Let me explain, the leader of the Maximala is Optimus Primal- ape, with Rhinox, Cheetor, Dino-Bot and Rattrap in his crew. The Predacons have Megatron T-Rex, Waspinator, Scorponok, Taratulus, Terrorsaur. More character are introduced such as one of the first female transformers Black Arachania. She was so liked by fans she was carried over to the series Transformers: Animated and has a legacy character with Airachnid in Transformers Prime.

Back to the look, it's the first season and Mainframe Ent. was still new at it's job. Remember, Pixar didn't exist, yet.  What does stand up later is the stories and character relationships. Treachery and devious underhandedness for the Predacons. For the Maximals, friendship and respect growing over time. Some funny and engaging plots of Energon and battle tactics. Strange alien elements. I think the series got better down the line. What I didn't remember is how the Maximals didn't work well as a team at first, they had to learn to work together over time. Odds were never in their favor with the Predacons always having them outnumbered.

By far my favorite episode is still "Possesion" where Starscream's spark/soul from the original series takes over Waspinator. This actually keeps up with continuity from the original movie when Starscream dies by the hand of Galvatron. Man, just the way he talks, so arrogant. No one really talks like that. Starscream!

What you get from the first set is the start of a great series of fun adventures that trumps the current series terrible let's add a ethnically diverse kid, a goth chick, and some boy and sell toys. Don't get me wrong the series was overall created to sell toys. Kick-ass dinosaur transforming robot toys. Really the show is like pure 10 year old boy dreams come true. Robot animals that transform, maybe get the kid who writes Axe Cop to do they next Transformers movie, it"ll be better plot wise then whatever Micheal Bay wipes from his butt.

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