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Monday, June 6, 2011

Appy 1000mg & The Holy Mountain

While playing Appy 1000mg and watching the Holy Mountain I did some meaningless work for class.

 Jesus eating his own face

Appy 1000mg via a gamesetwatch post and The Holy Mountain show finding yourself can be dangerous. The Holy Mountain is a strange cult movie financed by the Beatles producer filled with sick imagery and over the top sex and violence. If you took the strengths and ideals from multiple philosophies like Buddhism, Christianity and concepts of better understanding and used them for greed, arrogance and stupidity, using all of their aspects to help people for selfishness you'd have this terrible movie. 

Sensationalism at it's best, I'd call it yesterday's Jackass 3D.

-The actors were really on drugs
-Enjoy old half beard tiger tits man

Religion guns in Buddhist, Jew, and Christian from the movie

I'll say insane set design and birds coming out as blood were strange
enough to keep me watching

The Holy Mountain $17.99 on Amazon

Appy 1000mg is another realization game, with parody and darker undertones, it's a short platforming masterpiece, somewhat akin to Limbo. Play the enhanced version.