Monday, February 28, 2011

Summer Wars Review

Remember that movie I told you to go see play in LA, while now it's out on Blu-ray and dvd if you missed it.
It's all about family in this heart warming story of acceptance and what it means to be family. That and a possible nuclear bomb going off. First I'll grade the story. The realism and the art syle.

Spoiler ahead
Let's start with  Oz, yes, like the land of Oz, its what the Internet could be one day, like a takashi murakami painting coming alive. All communication is churning through Oz from business to government, purchases to the stock market to people just playing video games.

That has little to do with a young programmer Kenji Koiso whose asked to pretend to be the young boyfriend of the lovely young miss Natsuki Jinnouchi . Turns that girl has a extended family, a way extended family. The only reason Kenji's there is to be the fake man she'll marry in here elderly great-grandmother eyes. You'd think the story be enough with the bizarre hug family to deal with, but there's a whole extra level.

Kenji's also a math wiz that's why his a programmer. He gets a mysterious message with numbers on his cell phone late in the night. He cracks the code and something goes awry. That going would be none other than Love Machine a AI virus who wants to have some fun. Accept his fun will start affecting the whole world. You see your accounts are linked to the Oz world and everyone goes on Oz. So let's say your in charge of a power station. If love machine hacks your avatar, he has all your personal information, codes, what have you. The power is going out.

Skipping ahead you have a amazing story that's about family and identity theft. A million hit attack by a internet god. A supped up rabbit that"ll kick you in the face. The influence of a 90 year old woman on Japan. The fate of the world by a game of Hakufuda (Japanese card game)

Gamer cred comes at you at a million hits. That's to bad for one character when Love Machine takes all the avatars at him with one finger. However, Love Machine is a gamer at heart and that was his downfall, even in the end Love Machine acts like a total child about losing. On his level thought that means crashing a satellite into the Jinnouchi household.  Will they survive? Pick up a copy?

There's also one of those F-yeah parts where you"ll think it our say it out loud.

What's inside the Blu-ray case

The movie has a lot of realistic tendencies in the way of family. You have a uncle or a cousin you could see in the roles of the extended Jinnouchi family. Funny to see family in a movie not about your own. One of the best parts was when some of the family didn't realize how horrible the virus was causing problems for the world.
It comes with four double sided card from a game in the movie

The animators know whats going on. There are so many movies where people don't seem to be using technology correctly. But the ds's do shine. For some reason the Japanese are the only ones to incorporate a little sense of realism and modern society in cartoons. Usually, technology and current culture are never incorporated into American cartoons. It makes watching a cartoon movie more real.

The art style you breath in slowly. Both worlds Oz and reality are different, yet both stunning. The big Jinnouchi household looks so inviting and like Isaid early Oz is like a Takashi Murakami painting. It's like a huge amout of chibi out of nowhere. Fight scenes and danger give you highs and break up the movie from just being about family.

 Summer Wars is a movie to impress, for creativity, writing and visuals. No wonder it was nominated in the Annie Award this year, too.
Summer Wars is $15.99 is on Amazon as I write this

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