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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Posters of Power

Two Posters that help explain gaming to noobs

The one on the left from Nerf Now generously explains the ESRB rating system. It's just a comic that's been floating around the net. While the one on the right , The Evolution of Video Game Controllers takes a very ingenious take on explaining the history of controllers.  The one on the right is 24" x 36” and  going for $30. Seems like a great buy for the classy gamer.

This Hyrule Map is also eye catching from Bill Mudron's Waddata buyin? store via Tiny Cartridge. The Legend of Zelda enthusiasts might even break down and cry, 24 x 36 for $40 . Check out the Doctor Who goods, too

Evolution chart remind me of the GDC I am 8-bit posters I posted about earlier this week.