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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things I Missed: Cave Quest

Sadly, I didn't hear about this delightful play on Buddhism and video games. The premise of the play is a video game designer by the name of Justin wants to make a game about enlightenment. He treks to find the legendary Buddhist Padma. Justin gets stuck in a blizzard and most stay at Padma's side learning more about himself then the game. The play has a underlying story about how a workaholic fast-paced culture doen't allow for easy acces to tranquility.

Via latimes

It opened on February 11, 2010-Closed on March 14, 2010. Sorry, to have missed it. It somewhat reminds me of Neighborhood 3: Requestion of Doom a video game play I saw last year based on zombie shooters. Just that we had two video game plays going on is kind of cool. Cave Quest was held at the place below, Looking at their calendar nothing as interesting is happening, hopefully they get to gaming again.

David Henry Hwang Theater
120 Judge John Aiso St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012