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Friday, February 18, 2011

Okamaiden: Look At That Puppy!

How much is thay doggy in the window? The one with mystical beads, swords and fire?

That leaves a trail of flowers behind him? The one that no one seems to notice has red markings on him and has magical powers. What kind of doggy is this?

It's Chiberatsu from Okamiden the sequel to Okami coming to the DS. This time around you play as Chiberatsu the cute pup from above with a young boy who rides on your back. That little boy is Kuni  from Susano and Kushi of this first game. You might have other riders, though. If the game is anywhere a fun and as long as the orginal, this will be one of the best games for DS of 2011.

You'll be able to use the DS to use fast ink attacks where you can summon the wind, create bombs, slash enemies and more by drawing on the lower screen. Story and side quests made the orginal Okami worthwhile with many hours of gameplay. The ds version looks to be the same with a big cast just like the orginal with weird people you have to help out.

Okamiden is out March 15th
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